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what is going on?!

i love nick but the pattern in 99% of his songs is: "hey babe i kno ur scared but if you do the thing with me everything will be fine now come here and lets do the thing babe"

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  1. babe i must remove ur wings and u must try to fly so we can do the thing
  2. babe love comes a-knocking upon our door can we do the thing even if we dont live there anymor
  3. babe i let despair and deception in just to do the thing w/ u
  4. babe theres a devil waiting outside ur door and he’s a mess bc he wants to do the thing with u
  5. o lowd can you direct my babe into my arms so we can do the thing
  6. babe do u love me do u love me do u love me like i love u? so we can do the thing? babe?
  7. well take that coat babe and throw it on the floor bc we’re obvs gonna do the thing
  8. and he wants u and he is straight and he is true like 100% he wants to do the thing babe
  9. come over here babe it aint that bad like i dont claim to understand the troubles that u had but i can make it better if we do the thing
  10. babe cant u see everybody wants to do the thing with you at midnight (me included) like just lay down here and be my gurl
  11. straight to u i will come a-running to do the thing one more time
  12. like what the hell guise the only time i didnt want to do the thing i got stabbed thru n thru with a penknife and thrown into a 100feet well you feel me
  13. babe

post scriptum: replace i love nick but* with i love nick because*

'cause I'm in too deep, and I'm trying to keep
up above, in my head, instead of going under

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wow, i love being treated like crap every day, it just makes me love working in your department and helps me learn SO MUCH.
A+ effort from the Emergency Department - you’ve shown me where i definitely don’t ever want to work.