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Another GW Cover for Stevie.

In the new issue, we celebrate blues giants Stevie Ray Vaughan with an in-depth examination of his 30 greatest recordings — from “Texas Flood” to “Riviera Paradise,” from “Couldn’t Stand the Weather” to “The Sky is Crying.” Read about how Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble (bassist Tommy Shannon and drummer Chris Layton) didn’t walk into Jackson Browne’s Down Town Studio in Los Angeles in late 1982 with highfalutin plans about recording their monster debut album. In fact, their sites were set much lower.
Also, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett teaches you how to play like the great bluesman SRV. Then blues legend Buddy Guy pays tribute to his late friend. We go up close and personal with Stevie’s favorite Strat, which is now on display at the Grammy Museum in L.A.
Then, Guitar World features John 5, the prophet of the Telecaster who shows us some rare mint-condition Teles from his collection and talks about his latest album, Careful with That Axe.
Next, as the prog legends take their classic Fragile and Close to the Edge albums on the road, guitar virtuoso Steve Howe sits down for a talk about the making of those groundbreaking productions.
Finally, as the curvaceous Fender Stratocaster marks six decades of innovation and influence, Guitar World celebrates its legacy via 60 players, songs, solos and historical moments.
PLUS: An ode to the late Johnny Winter, a PureSalem guitar review, Satchel’s Man of Steel column returns and much more!
Five Songs with Tabs for Guitar and Bass

• Stevie Ray Vaughan - “Look at Little Sister”
• Stevie Ray Vaughan - “Testify”
• Scorpions - “Rock You Like a Hurricane”
• Within The Ruins - “Gods Amongst Men”
• Magic - “Rude”


Have you come here to get hurt?

Have you come to take away from me

From me, from me

Might as well do your worst to me


My ticker-tape heart broke and everything shook in here

But I learned it could be worse.’

The Gaslight Anthem - Rollin’ & Tumblin’ 


is he a doctor as well??

A question by Anonymous

he’s studying medicine as well, so yes, one day (hopefully) we’ll both be doctors…if we survive.
i told myself i wouldn’t get involved with another med student/doctor but well…anyway nothing’s really happened yet. i might end up hating him next week. that would be kind of convenient, at least then i wouldn’t be so distracted.

Whats this guy like?? Im so curious

A question by Anonymous

oh Anon, he is like the sun on a cloudy day, like a field full of daisies, like a warm hug on a cold night…..
no, okay. no. he’s a guy. he’s adventurous and exciting and sweet and charming. he challenges me a lot, in a way that not many males have in the past.
i don’t know… this all sounds super sappy. whatever.
he’s just so interesting and i never really know what he’s going to do or say next, he keeps me on my toes, but in the same breath he comforts me and makes me feel grounded. and we can literally just sit there and talk shit for hours without getting bored.
he’s grown to mean a lot to me in a very short amount of time, and that’s terrifying.
he’s just really nice.